Online Health & Safety Awareness Courses

We provide online Health and Safety Awareness Courses tailored to our products, designed to enhance the skills and understanding of employees in various industries. These interactive courses are accessible over the internet using computers, smartphones, or other digital devices for convenience and flexibility. Upon successful completion of each course, participants will receive a downloadable certificate, serving as a testament to their newly acquired knowledge. We have confidence in the exceptional quality of our courses that we are pleased to offer you a FREE TRIAL, allowing you to experience the value first-hand before making a purchase.

Web Sling Training Course

Web Slings Safety Awareness Course

Height Safety Training Course

Height Safety Awareness Course

Chain Sling Training Course

Chain Slings Safety Awareness Course

Chain Blocks Training Course

Chain Hoist Safety Awareness Course

ratchet lever hoist training course

Lever Hoists Safety Awareness Course

electric chain hoist training course

Electric Chain Hoists Safety Awareness Course

forklift tipping skip training course

Forklift Tipping Skips Safety Awareness Course

Overhead Travelling Crane Training Course

Overhead Travelling Cranes Safety Awareness Course

Pneumatic Chain Hoist Training Course

Pneumatic Chain Hoists Safety Awareness Course

Shackles Safety Training Course

Shackles Safety Awareness Course

Forklift Extensions Training Course

Forklift Extensions Safety Awareness Course

Forklift Extensions Training Course

Forklift Cages Safety Awareness Course

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