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Manual Chain Hoists

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Opt for the finest quality with our Stainless Steel Manual Chain Hoists, designed to withstand corrosion and stand the test of time. For environments where safety is paramount, our Spark Resistant options offer peace of mind without compromising on efficiency. Elevate your operations with these exceptional hoists, engineered to excel under pressure and transform the way you handle heavy-duty tasks.

Chain blocks are useful pieces of equipment that lift lower heavy loads. They are commonly used in many construction and manufacturing businesses, such as warehouses, plants, factories and building sites. Our range of chain blocks includes both manual and electric models, from world-renowned manufacturers such as OZ Lifting Products, Yale and William Hackett. Manual chain blocks are easy to use and reliable and are commonly used to lift and lower a range of different items, from smaller items on a factory floor to heavy loads on a construction site. Just one person can safely and easily use a manual chain block; however, it is important to use a chain block with the right weight capacity for the item you are lifting – you must use something with a larger capacity than the item’s weight. Lifting365 stocks manual chain blocks for sale online with capacities ranging from 250kg to 5,000kg. In addition, it’s important to use a chain with the right height; we stock chain heights ranging from 3 metres right up to 12 metres.